Friday’s event pick: ‘It Follows’

AP handout photo
AP handout photo

This weekend, many children will hunt for pastel colored eggs filled with candy and take pictures with a giant fluffy bunny in their Easter best.

If all that cute makes you cringe, consider checking out a screening of ‘It Follows’ at the Alamo Drafthouse this Friday. Part of the Drafthouse Recommends series, ‘It Follows’ is an indie horror story that borrows from Jaws and Halloween, but builds something entirely its own.¬†As Drafthouse says, “The less you know about ‘It Follows,’ the better.”

Tickets are $8.25 before 6 p.m., when they increase to $10.50. Screenings continue until Thursday, April 9.

For a little more insight into the film’s premise, read a review of ‘It Follows’.


11:10a | 2:05p | 5:10p | 8:10p | 10:50p

Slaughter Lane

10:55a | 1:35p | 4:20p | 8:20p | 11:00p

South Lamar

12:20p | 3:10p | 6:00p | 8:40p | 11:35p

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