How to celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Austin


Presidential Proclamation 5219 may be one of our favorites. Since President Ronald Reagan signed the statement into law in 1984, the third Sunday in July has become known as National Ice Cream Day, spurring deals on the frozen treat all around the country.

This year, National Ice Cream Day falls on Sunday, July 19. Here in Texas, the holiday will be a little bitter without the sweet taste of Blue Bell. But there are plenty of ways to celebrate in Austin that will make your heart, but hopefully not your dessert, melt.

  • Attend Ice Cream Social & Game Night.  NadaMoo! and Lick ice creams will provide their vegan frozen goods to celebrate. 1-3 p.m. In.gredients, 2610 Manor Rd.
  • Visit an Amy’s Ice Cream. They’re serving the flavor they’ve chosen to define 2015, Key Lime Pie, for one day only. Multiple locations.
  • Win a Lick Ice Cream t-shirt and two small gift cards by Instagramming a photo of your favorite flavor combination and tagging that photo with @lickicecreams and #lickhonesticecreams. Be sure to tag your location.
  • Call your nearest Whole Foods location to find out of they’re offering sale prices on NadaMoo! dairy-free ice cream.
  • Follow @Ben&JerrysTexas to find out where their Texas-touring truck will be giving away free scoops. They’re also taking suggestions.
  • Dippin’ Dots is offering a free sample of their newest flavor: Redberry Sherbet made with Sour Patch Kids.
  • Take a Lyft ride to Cow Tipping Creamery, show your receipt at checkout and receive a free scoop.
  • Fido wants some frosty love, too! Visit any PetSmart PetsHotel location for some free, dog-friendly ice cream. Noon-4 p.m.
  • Enhance your Sunday Netflix binge with a pint (or gallon, we’re not judging) from the freezer aisle. Not sure which brand to buy? Check out the results of our grocery store taste test.
  • Click through our guide to Austin’s Favorite Frozen Treats for some of the best ice cream, gelato, and sundaes in town.
  • Make your own Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream with this recipe.
  • Keep the celebrations going all through July for National Ice Cream Month – look for a recipe for no-churn ice cream from Addie Broyles in Austin360 on Wednesday, July 22.



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